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When even fitness gurus can make mistakes

Nowadays, any browser you look at, you can see heaps of health and fitness information bookmarked. In fact, the internet is flooded with health and fitness information all across the board. Not just that, many of these “helpful” resources are incomplete and miss out mentioning some key aspects resulting in an ineffective routine. Here are some such “missed out” gyan from the gurus!

fitness mistakes

Measure what goes into that “Healthy smoothie”.

Yes, we know that nuts, fruits, berries, bananas are all healthy! But not at once, that simply makes it a calorie overload. Ensure that you exactly know what all goes into your healthy smoothie and how much it all ads up to into calories and keep it under control. Also, try to replace your fruit smoothies with vegetable smoothies, meaning less sugar!

See through the Low fat & Low sugar mist

Often the market is now blinding consumers with the low fat and low sugar products in the market. The best advice would be to learn to read the back of the product label rather than the front selling points. The food ingredients label tells you exactly how much sugar or fat is in it and what else has been added to compensate. In this process, many such products might be low fact and low sugar but highly unhealthy too! So be wise, read the label.

Breakfast Protein Bars and Sports drinks

Most protein and breakfast bars claim to have super healthy ingredients like oats and muesli but they fail to explain the huge amount of sugar and salt. Also, sports drinks advertised as healthy products contain a huge amount of sugar and salt which are not required by normal people without demanding needs unlike soccer or high endurance sports people. So if you don’t really need these, just eat simple and drink water.

A simple bottom line can set the scale right – Avoid all processed and preservative foods, eat whole, natural and healthy. Drink enough water.