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UberEATS First Time Exprience in Australia

Last week got my first chance to use UberEATS in Australia and though I will share my experience! You know what? It was AWESOME! I am seriously left wondering how is it  that these guys (and the restaurant) making money by offering great food at such a bargain.

I suppose, the prices are just a launch special with no margin and will change in future. However, for now the service was awesome, the app has areas of improvement and the delivery of the service used the tested UBER platform (which was of course good). Will keep you all posted with my experience as I will definitely continue to use their service.

uber eats experience australia

The booking experience was a breeze! nice and easy. Simply use the UberEATS App and like you would book an Uber Taxi, you could order and track your food. The time estimation is pretty spot on and so is the service and the quality of experience.

I ordered this pressed juice and it was awesome too! The packaging, arrival time and everything about it was awesome.

The most amazing thing about this experience was the quality of food, the quantity and the PRICE that you get this delivered to your door for almost the best price you could get if you do a take away yourself. Loved this spicy chicken and chips from Wings of Glory – Melbourne

This is the packaging in which your receive the food and kinda nice of them not using plastic and instead preferring paper bags! Overall, I would rate this experience high and will keep using UberEATS! AWESOME!!!

Overall, The experience is good but have some areas of improvement. Firstly, the UberEATS app only allows you to make one order at a time. After you make your order with a restaurant, you will have to wait for that order to arrive you to make the next one.

This increases the wait time and hope it gets solved soon! Another issue is that the UberEATS app is over dependant on the parent Uber Taxi app as you get to see the invoice and details only there. Third and finally, there aren’t many restaurants currently on it but they are sure expanding. Apart form these three issues, UberEATS looks good and seems like they are going to make a huge difference.