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Tips to Brighten the Mood of Your Home & Rooms

Whether you are deciding on color schemes for a new home or simply redecorating to give yourself a fresh look, your choices will be able to shape your mood and need to be chosen carefully. Consider how all of the rooms are going to be used. How do you wish to feel when you go inside? The simply choose the shades which will encourage senses in the right direction.

how to brighten the mood of your home

Powerful and wealthy

If you want to go for an invincible look, nothing can beat a combination of gold, silver and black. The colours of these precious metals bring an affluence of sorts to mind. Black signifies strength, authority and decisiveness. There’s no chance this will go out of style. Do you want a softer appearance? Go for dark green. It’s associated with money and can lend a prosperous feel to any room.

Bright and clean

White’s always been a color to symbolise purity. But dirt can show up really easily. It’s no coincidence that this is the standard color of choice for nurses and doctors as a symbolic confirmation of sterility. Since it reflects light, rooms can get a lot brighter when their interiors are mostly white. When it comes to business, the neutral shade can match each and every color which means you have endless possibilities.

Dramatic and bold

It’s no mystery that red’s the color of love. Just some moments of exposure to this color will get your heart beating faster and your body breathe harder. This color can stimulate your appetite and can increase tension though, so use it wisely. If you want a nice balance, add red accents to a calm room to benefit from it without it being too overpowering.

how to use colours to brighten room

Feminine and sweet

A tranquil color like pink can help create an atmosphere with gentler moods and inspire tenderness, relaxation, romance and innocence. Soft shades will be able to reflect light properly and can create a sense of wellbeing.

Peaceful and tranquil

Blue is a color known to increase production of calming chemicals in your body. It is a good choice for bedrooms to help soothe the weary. Blue decor is great for high stress settings in order to help promote serenity and reduce anxiety. Blue can help increase productivity since it cuts down on varying thoughts and helps stimulate focus. It’s interesting to note how this sedative effect can also help in reducing appetite.