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How Journalism is transformed by Photography and digital media

Digital cameras & Modern Imaging

These devices have opened the door to journalists who want to focus on photojournalism. They have been freed from the dark processing rooms and can get their pictures to the newsroom in minutes instead of hours.

Photoshop & Image Processing

Everyone says a picture can speak a thousand words. But with software like Photoshop around, credibility is always going to be a problem. Such easy-to-use software does make it easier for people to alter images. The upside, however, is that this technology has given rise to a new field, digital forensics.

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Laptops & Latest computer hardware

These portable computers let journalists spend more time outside the office while still being able to access everything through the internet. But there are drawbacks to using digital devices especially when it comes to reporting about or from repressive regimes.

Smartphones & Tablet Devices

A smartphone contains email, alarms, texting, video cameras, internet, and GPS. That is everything you will need in your pocket. It does have some drawbacks too though like not being allowed inside some courthouses, not being able to copy or print unless they can access a computer, etc. But still, there is no quicker way of capturing quick details and stories. 

Email & Online Microblogging

This has opened up a number of new vistas for journalists, making it easier for them to contact sources or experts. Journalists that are on location can also reach out to people from any part of the world to check facts or gather information.

Social media & Its vast reach

Even though there are some forms which are more popular as compared to others, the popularity of such tools keeps on increasing with time. Still, many organizations use such platforms for engaging audiences and distributing news.

Popularity of Crowdsourcing

This is a very valuable tool which can help extend the eyes and ears of a reporter a lot. Newspapers are now utilizing tools in order to learn more about neighborhoods without increasing their beat coverage. Issues like unplowed streets post blizzards, downed power lines after hurricanes, etc. can be reported back to the media and then verified by the comments. Partysnapper Australia is one such brand that has taken its way to crowdsourcing to identify great hidden photographers with awesome talent and connect them with clients. 

Online archives

Even though newspaper archives may be located in various areas, access to the internet has made it possible for many newspapers to store archives online. This resource makes it easier for reporters to find past stories which can contradict or support current stories. This makes it much easier for them to do their job and is welcomed by most.