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Tips for choosing a birthday party venue

When you are planning a birthday party, there are a lot of things which you have to consider as far as the venue is concerned. Choosing the correct venue can have a major impact on how successful a party is and can result in your guests having a terrific time. But choosing the wrong venue could have quite the opposite effect.

choosing a birthady party venue

What all to look for in your venue

The first thing for you to figure out is whether you’re hosting the party at your home or somewhere else. This is a decision which is driven by how many people you are inviting. If it’s a small party with just a few people, your home is a good choice. But if it’s a large-scale party, you can’t do it at home for sure. Here are a few things you need to consider when choosing a venue:

  • Numbers: If your home can’t accommodate everyone you’ve invited, you will have to find a larger venue that can. You don’t want to force people to squeeze into a cramped place now do you?
  • Location: If you’re choosing an outside venue, make sure it is centrally located and that it isn’t too far for people to travel.
  • Catering: You may be able to hire from the venue itself or you can opt to self-cater too. Self-catering is a good idea if you want to keep the costs low. Alternatively, most venues provide catering of their own and you can even arrange specific packages depending on how much you want to spend per person.
  •  Accommodation: If you’re having an evening function with alcohol, you may want to consider arranging for overnight accommodation too. This is important since guests might have travelled long distances and may not be in a condition to return at night. If the venue doesn’t provide accommodation, find a hotel nearby and give out the details to the guests with the invitations.
  • Health and safety: Make sure the venue will be able to accommodate anyone with disabilities and has all certifications in place for hosting large groups of people.
  • Entertainment: Find out if you can bring entertainment of your own like a live band. Some venues might insist on you using their entertainment instead. It’s better to be clear in advance so that there are no mix-ups later on.

Choosing the best venue may be difficult but with the help of these tips and the internet you should be able to make the right choice. The info article has been shared be a Melbourne based engagement party photographer specialist also taking up event photography in Adelaide.