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Prepare before your next international travel

tips for international travel overseas

  • Make sure you have go all vaccines that are recommended by your government for travel to the international destination you are headed towards. You wouldn’t want to catch some rare disease you don’t know about would you?

  • Make sure you double check the date and time on your ticket. Call up the hotel you are planning on staying at and confirm your reservation. Go through your itinerary one last time just to make sure you have everything planned out.
  • Travel insurance is a must when traveling to a foreign land. It doesn’t matter where you are planning on going, you would want to have peace of mind when you get there. Travel insurance is the easiest way of ensuring that.
  • As far as your luggage is concerned, try and keep it as lightweight as possible. Make sure you get a travel lock as well. Try and fit all of your clothing into a single suitcase. To do this, try taking clothes that can be mixed and matched. This will let you create a new look each day while not having to carry too many clothes.
  • Make sure you stop the mail and the newspaper for the period you are away. Everyone in your neighborhood doesn’t need to know you aren’t home.
  • If you’re traveling alone, make sure you carry the contact details of your friends and family with you. Put a plan in place for what they should do in case you don’t check in with them regularly.

travel tips

  • Remember to carry all of your prescription drugs in their original bottles. Put them inside your purse. If you’re male, get a man purse or something which you can tie to your waist. Don’t put your medicine with your luggage unless you have no other choice.
  • Be aware of everything around you at all times. If you aren’t comfortable with your surroundings or if things feel funny, don’t think twice before leaving. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.
  • Make sure you keep yourself well protected from the elements as well. Who wants to have to deal with sunburn when on vacation? You wouldn’t want to catch a cold either. Stay safe.
  • Ensure you are carrying enough money for your travel. Also, make sure you have chargers for all your electronic gadgets. There’s no point in carrying fancy gadgets if you forget the chargers. And buying travel chargers for each of your gadgets can end up being quite expensive.

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