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Best Social media tools for Journalists

Being active on the social media is hugely important for journalist. Especially for those who publish news and update through their online magazines. Even though there are numerous tools and services to stay socially active and engage readers, it is advisable to only stick to your favourite few. Today we will share our most preferred set of social media tools for your benefit.

The awesome trio – we called it a trio because as of the current trends it is quite impossible to miss out one of these three critical social platforms. The first of them is Twitter. This short publishing system is popular because of its business model that makes it easy for news to be shared and go viral. Second among them is Facebook, it’s highly recommended to have presence on Facebook because of its huge user base and popularity. The third platform on the list is Google plus, included mainly because of its pivotal role in the current Google search algorithm.

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Apart from these three mediums, especially if you are a photo-journalist, Pinterest is a great way to spread the news and show off your photographs. If you have any more recommendations, do share with us and leave q comment.

About the Author: Josh is a professional PartySnapper Photography and specialises in party and event photography across Australia in every different state. However, he has a keen eye for journalism and photography for journalists which makes him an active participant at the VJ Group. For more photographers, check out their Melbourne, Adelaide & Brisbane pages