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A Smartphone is all you need to travel today

When you couple yourselves + a smartphone with internet connectivity, in today’s  world – you become super powerful. Imagine visiting a well connected and organised country like Australia, all you need to travel could be a pair of clothes and your smartphone. With your e-wallet or PayPal or bank account link to your smartphone, booking an accommodation (using Airbnb), grabbing some food (uberEats) or getting somewhere (UberTaxi) becomes super easy.

With the major cities in Australia like Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide all offering apps like Airbnb lets you find awesome places to stay at while enjoying your travel like never before. If you are new to using these, many websites offer promo codes for  UberEats and event travel bonus via Airbnb coupon codes for you to try out these services.

To start with, its a good idea to plan all the places you want to visit and the number of days you have in hand. Once you have the destinations and time allowed in mind, you can go on to your budget. With place, time and money under control, all you have to do is install Airbnb / HostelWorld / Expedia (for accommodation) and Uber (for taxi and food) – connect your bank accounts and easy, you are all set to go! Isn’t this amazing on how our world has changed over the past few decades connecting the world tighter and safer.