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Photobooth – A new way approach to party photography

One of the most memorable and easy ways of adding fun to any party is with a photo booth. They can be really simple while still being an excellent way of getting everyone involved in the festivities. All you need to have a good photo booth at your party are a few props and a good backdrop. The backdrop can be a very simple one like a curtain or a wall. You could also go the other way and get crafty with things like balloons, tickets, crepe paper, tinsel, etc. There are many stores which sell props for you to buy or you could go with costumes, glasses, hats, etc. There are a lot of free photo booth props you can find online too.  Let’s take a look at various aspects of this in a little more detail:

photobooth the new way to photography


A basic camera will work well for DIY photo booths. You should also get a tripod which is tall enough as well as a remote shutter release. This will let guests take photos on their own so you can enjoy the night instead of spending the whole night behind the lens.


Good lighting is essential if you want good photographs. A spotlight and a photography umbrella will help diffuse light and adds a good to pictures. If you choose to not go with lighting equipment, be sure to turn on the flash or use a floor lamp at least.


When deciding where to set the photo booth up, try finding an area which doesn’t obstruct the party while still being easily accessible. Even if it’s a large gathering, you do not need too much space to set one up.


Once the location has been finalized, clear the decor and all the furniture from the area. If there are windows, use dark cloth to cover them so that they flash can work properly. Place the camera a few feet from the backdrop. Frame the camera angle and shot accordingly. Make someone stand in front of the camera while you frame it. Be sure to test everything before the party.


Be sure your camera has sufficient battery life and memory for the party. Be sure to keep backups too just in case. Tell everyone about the booth when they arrive and show them how it works. Then let them use their creativity with poses and props throughout the night. So if you are hosting a party and you really don’t want to touch the natural flow of the party with a photographer running around, we recommend installing a photo booth. This way, you can capture all the magic moments of the party attendees but still keep it all candid. These tips were shared with us by our Melbourne party photographer, do check out their photography blog for more tips like these.