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Most common house pests in Australian Homes

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One out of every four homes in Australia have termites at some point in their lifetime. They are the most destructive pests in Australia and the average damages that they can cause to a home range between $7000 and $8000. What makes it worse is that most insurance policies do not cover this damage.

Mice, Rats and Rodents

House mice remain active throughout the year. They like nesting in quiet, warm places like wall cavities and lofts. The damage furnishings and chew packaging in order to access food. They are also known to spread various diseases.  Black rats are very common in Australia. Some signs of an infestation include smear marks on cables, droppings, etc. They can spread disease too.


They love living in warm homes, wall cavities or kitchens. They usually come out after dark and feed on any food they can find. They can also spread disease.


Wasps may become a problem for your garden and can also get into your home if you leave the windows open often. A large nest can contain as many as 25000 wasps at any time. Some of the most common places where they build nests include trees, bushes, lofts, wall cavities, and underground.

most common house pests in australia

Textile Pests

Common moths can be quite a nuisance in any home. They tend to lay sticky eggs on clothes. Their larvae can cause a lot of damage by eating your clothes, upholstery, carpets, etc.


Whether fruit flies or bluebottle flies, they can carry various diseases including a lot of food poisoning bacteria.


They usually enter a home searching for food. Their nests are usually found on lawns and under paving.


Australia is home to the largest number of deadly spiders in the world. Even though they can prove to be beneficial at home since they can keep the number of mosquitoes and flies down, you wouldn’t want them around since they pose a risk to your family and your home.

Bed bugs

Don’t think they can only be found in your bed. They can also be found in crevices and cracks all over your home. They feed on your blood and spread very quickly. To make matter worse, they are hard to control. It is recommended that you hire professional services to get rid of them as quickly as possible or you may just have to get rid of things from your home altogether.