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Why is Melbourne the most liveable city in the world?


Melbourne has managed to top the list of the most livable cities in the world for the 6th year running. It was a proud achievement for Melburnians. Robert Doyle, Lord Mayor of Melbourne, said that they weren’t going to take the title for granted and constantly implemented policies which improve the quality of life. There are a number of infrastructure projects currently underway including the renewal of Queen Victoria Market and the Metro Tunnel. This city has immensely wonderful things to do you shouldn’t miss.

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Sydney was among the biggest losers this year around falling out of the top 10 list. It falls to 11th place because of a heightened perceived terrorism threat. Adelaide managed to retain its title as the 5th most livable city along with Calgary.

This year has been one marked by terrorism. Instability is seen all over the world through violent acts and civil war. Even though this isn’t something new, the spread and frequency has increased and is even more prominent as compared to earlier years. Athens and Paris are a couple of cities which have experienced the sharpest declines over the last few years.

But there are a few places which Melbourne could improve on like offering better footpaths to cyclists and pedestrians and planting more trees. This award comes during a time when there are a number of worrying changes in the city. They are working hard to try and tackle the issue of homelessness in the city too.

This livability survey took into account stability, infrastructure, culture, education, healthcare, and environment while ranking cities. Some other individual factors considered include corruption, weather, petty crime, public transport, censorship, etc. The indicators were scored as intolerable, uncomfortable, tolerable, or acceptable.

Melbourne’s score hasn’t changed one bit since 2011 on this scale. The city loses points for culture, environment, and stability but has a perfect score in infrastructure, healthcare, and education. But the city is nowhere near perfect. So how does Melbourne still manage a perfect score? Well, the highest ranking on the list is acceptable which means even a “pretty good” will get them a perfect score. The Economist also relies on data which may be old. It makes you wonder how much longer Melbourne would be able to retain this title if the data was up to date since it is separated from Vienna by just 0.1 percentage point. But for now, Melbourne is ranked number one and is the place to be.