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Marketing Tips for Gyms and Personal Trainers

Marketing campaign is a key to success for every business these days. Gyms and personal trainers also need a marketing strategy to attract their customers. There are lots of marketing tips like creating ads using Facebook ads or Google ads, content marketing, Google your business, email marketing and much more but writing your own blog is having a great attraction these days.

People love to follow your blog and read interesting stories. For example, if someone needs to look for a nutrition diet or some healthy exercises tips, they will search for a blog. People won’t bother to go for a long tail articles or social media discussions but they will look up for a decent post from a personal trainer or an instructor.

personal trainer and gym

Our recent engagement with an Australian Gym

A video post is more attractive and most attractive form of marketing. Here are some blog post marketing tips for gyms and personal trainers. Recently we worked with this Boxing Training Gym in Melbourne to improve their marketing efforts and publicise their business to get more clients. The marketing campaign was awesome and went on to become super successful. Below are some of the tips that we would like to share with our readers form the campaign. They also offer quality professional female boxing classes, know more information here..

australian boxing gym metrics

australian boxing gym metrics

Latest Research on Nutrition

Take a survey, research some articles related to nutrition to understand your audience taste and needs. People often prefer something including science. Give it to them with well researched articles. Also give them the alternative fitness ideas. Remember, hard work and well research is a key to success.

Workout Videos

Videos play most important role in every marketing campaign. People prefer videos to understand things well and to avoid reading. As a personal trainer, you have to be a role model for your clients. People need to look results. The basic idea always comes in mind of everyone that if a trainer itself is not in good shape, how he or she can be our fitness guide. The videos are for inspiration and motivation. Post your videos in YouTube. People love this type of things.

Share your Experience

Whenever you write a post, make it looks like your experience competing with others. Make it look real in a way that people can relate themselves to it. This will take their attraction. You can be a serious professional trainer or a funny one. Whatever suits you best, just try to be yourself.

Injury Prevention

Injuries are a part of your life if you are using gym. Write about injuries in your blog. Explain people that how to prevent injuries and if you got one then what to do. This is a way to boost your popularity. This is also a best marketing tip for personal trainers as this topic is rarely discussed online. It’s a good way to drive more traffic.