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Marketing a New Business on Instagram

With the advent of internet technology, it has become much easier to grow a business by attracting the attention of your potential customers. In fact, the only way to grow your business is to make mass sales of your products. But how do you achieve this? The rule of thumb is to have a large customer base, which can help to propel your business. Some of the startup business still use traditional means of marketing hence facing challenges in achieve their objectives. Fortunately, the social media platforms have come to the rescue of many businesses.

how to market a new business with instagram

Among these platforms, Instagram can help the business owners reap instant profits. Currently, there are more than 300 million people who are active on Instagram. Surprisingly, the visual marketing is more effective than text-based posts. How do your market your new business on Instagram?

How to market a new business on Instagram

Marketing your new business on Instagram is a daunting task especially if you are new to Instagram. However, you will get instant success if you use the right marketing strategies. Here are 5 simple ways that you should use to market your new business on Instagram.

online marketing for small business

1. Optimise your profile page 

Choosing a business name for your profile is crucial in all social media platforms. You will want your business name to appear in your profile. In a case where your desired business name is already taken, you should choose something close to it. The most important thing is to upload your profile picture so that people will know you even if your name is slightly changed. Like other social media platforms, Instagram gives you a chance to describe your product. When describing your product, try to use few words as much as possible. Also, make sure that you add link your homepage to direct people to your website.

2. Integrate your Instagram to other social platforms 

If you have a decent following on other social media platforms, then cross-promoting is the perfect way to bring exposure to your Instagram page. Inform the followers about your Instagram page s that they will know about your products. Moreover, you should integrate your Instagram profile with social media sites so that photo will appear across all platforms, each time you share a photo.

3. Tell your story 

Telling a story about your products is the most powerful way to engage your audience. The study shows that most people are likely to respond to posts that contains stories. Instagram give you a chance to showcase your company. Think of posting pictures of your latest office events or meetings. If you are selling physical products, make sure that you post pictures that captivate the minds of the users. Being creative will encourage your followers to post the photos of your products hence further promoting your brand.

4. Run promotions 

The great way to build your following on Instagram is to run contests. Usually, it is very simple to run a contest on Instagram. In this case, you should decide what the people should post on a unique hashtag that you will give them. This is a powerful way to tell the story of your brand as it will help to generate loads of content that are relevant to your brand. It will keep people engaged and also spread the news to people who may not have heard about your products before.4. Create videos 

In fact, the study shows that most people spent significant time watching video. Posting videos on Instagram is a great way of visual content marketing. Instagram provides you with only 15 seconds, so you have to post very creative videos. Create a video that focuses on your products and is fun, shareable and engaging.

5. Post at the right time 

In fact, it does not matter what time you post the pictures as people will view them regardless of the time posted. However, you should be very strategic when posting videos as most people do not watch videos during working hours. Consider posting your videos early in the morning, weekend or at lunchtime.

Instagram has become one of the most influential and successful forms of social media marketing platform. It will provide you with a large customer base that is very vital for promoting your business. Unlike traditional marketing, you can use Instagram to market your new business at no cost.