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Tips on How to look good in a Photos for women

At one time unflattering photos could be secret shames hidden away in drawers. Then came Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and now every picture of yours is broadcast to your friends, family, and the world instantly. But with the below-mentioned tips, you should be ready for a picture at any time:

Conceal lightly

Masking your face with foundation will only make it look pasty and flat. In order to get a natural effect, you should use concealer to hide any imperfections and shadowy areas which can be amplified by the flash. If you aren’t sure where these facial shadows are, just look at a mirror and tilt your chin down a few inches. You will probably see darkness around the eye sockets and folds of your mouth, under your chin and lip line.

Tap concealer on those areas using your pinkie until the makeup has melted into your skin and then use some translucent matte powder for your forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks. These are the areas which look most greasy whenever light shines on them. Stay away from any powder or foundation which has sparkly mica. Allover shimmer is only going to look shiny in pictures.

Tips on How to look good in a Photos for women

Enhance the naturally beautiful eyes

In order to ensure your eyes pop with the flash, you should focus on defining your eyebrows and eyelash lines. Fill in the eyebrows using powder or a pencil. Then intensify them by working liner in the base of your eyelashes. You can then follow this up with some mascara on the lower and upper lashes.

Add color & Vibrance

Without proper blush, your face may look washed out or pale in photos. Lightly apply a pink, peach, rose or coral blush on your cheeks starting right below your iris and working out with your temples. Do not go too close to your eyes and make sure the blush remains sheer.

Keep your eyes wide open

Just close your eyes and open them right when the photo is going to be clicked. If you are outdoors, remember that the afternoon is the worst time to take pictures because that is when the sun is going to make you squint the most.

Tilt your head slightly

Most women have asymmetrical features. That’s why it is recommended that you show only two-thirds of your face and keeping the rest hidden from the camera. This will help mask facial asymmetry. This angle also has a slimming effect on your face.

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