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How to promote your event in Australia

Create a website & event page

Creating landing pages or websites is a very important step when it comes to event marketing since it is a hub for everything related to events. Your attendees will need to know what they are signing up for. Make sure you tell them what it’s about. Do not forget to include a registration form too.

marketing an australian event

Using Search Engine Optimisation to your advantage

Search Engine Optimization is a very important part of marketing and will help you appear to the correct audience. Events are a very important part of marketing for a number of companies, and you should expect tons of competition. You need to target effective and relevant keywords while writing descriptions and headlines. Linking is also very important when it comes to search engine rankings.

Find Sponsors & the right media partners

No matter what type of event you are organizing, you need to create a connection between the attendees and sponsors. Sponsors aren’t just a source of income but also a good resource for marketing. You need to clarify the value you are offering potential sponsors. Spend time tracking demographics and learning about your audience. Approach sponsors only after having relevant information that you could use to persuade them. There are many top Australian event websites often regularly featuring the best events in all popular cities, get listed on all of them. Here are some popular event websites you should consider listing to.

  • What’s Best Australia
  • Weekend Notes Australia
  • That’s Melbourne
  • Broadsheet Australia
  • Urban List Australia

Emails Marketing can do wonders

Email marketing is a very effective and simple way of promoting events. It can be used for generating interest and awareness, for engaging with attendees, sending traffic to your website, and to keep attendees updated. Don’t just send one email. People may have missed your email. Don’t feel shy to send reminders or follow-up emails. Create curiosity with terms like “Last chance” in the subject line.

Using the power of Blogging

Blogging about events is a very important marketing strategy. It lets you share information about the event and can also be used to generate additional interest in your event. Write your posts down well in advance. You could even reach out to event speakers and ask them for guest posts. Create a calendar for your content. This will help you keep track of everything.

Unleash the power of Social Media

Social media is very important when it comes to holding a successful event. Social media is one of the main ways of connecting with people. If you want to have a successful marketing campaign, you will need to embrace social media and use various strategies for increasing ticket sales. Build an audience online with a list of possible attendees. Don’t forget to create a hashtag for your event early on too. Keep it short and simple. Also, ensure it isn’t used anywhere else.