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how to grow instagram followers fast

Some awesome tips to Rapidly grow your followers

Want to know how to reel in more followers on Instagram? I can help! Gaining more followers every day on Instagram is highly beneficial for many reasons depending on your diverse intentions. And with more than 200 million users, things can never get any better. When you get a huge following and become popular it makes it possible to get a huge reach for your business or website and get yourself easy sales, more clicks, more traffic and even more strength for your brand. But then, how do you get more to people to follow you willingly?

1. Invent Your Own Hashtag and Encourage Others to Use it

This is among the best ways to build a unique brand for your account and also have many people like you. But you should try and get a hashtag that is not being used, try something very outstanding and interesting. Remember also, to have it used for a very specific reason. And after having used it for a number of times, you should then tell other users to use it in their photos and comments. And in this way you are going to build a huge community and have ready content for your account. After your hashtag has gone “viral”, you can then start reposting photos from your followers not forgetting to give them due credit.

2. Following and Liking Photos That Are in Your Niche

You can also try looking for photos in your niche and taking time to like and follow the people who post them. It helps also leaving a long helpful genuine comment. It encourages the users to keep posting more photos of the same kind. Take time at least 10 minutes to to do this and to will see a change. Your name is going to get out there and allow more people to see you and follow you. Wondering how to get to the photos of your niche? Just search for them using hashtags or try following your favourite Instagrammer(s). We tried this experiment on a local Melbourne event photographer.. Check out their official Instagram page, its small but fast growing!  Its key to have the right crowd flocking you and also you following the right people, with time it weighs more in grams ;)!

3. Encourage People to Do Things

People are more likely to take an action that you have told them to take rather than assume they will. If you have any photos that is interesting or have written a quote, something funny or informative, ask people to comment on them. If you “give” them that ability to comment on your feed, they will do it promptly. But be sure to return the favor too for your followers and other photos in your niche. It helps people like your style and have more of them following your account.

4. Identify What Your Audience Loves Most

You should check the photos that you have already posted and take a keen look at how they were responded to. Identify the ones that got the most engagement as well the ones that didn’t. This will give you a crisp idea of what your followers are into and give you the tools to increase the engagement to higher heights. If a photo that had funny ideas and info was liked more than the one that sounded like a promotional material, try more of the funny ones. Ideally, give more of what your followers like and get in return a cool following.

5. Socialize Even More

What was social media meant for when it was brought to existence? Socializing! That’s what you should do. Spend most of your time talking to people you know and also the ones you don’t know but have the same interests. Reply to the comments you get on your photos and still give yours to others. And please, don’t do two words of a comment like “great pic” or “it’s cool!” No! Try lengthening your comment and going deeper so that you help your users know what your opinions are and what you would want them to do more, for them to have more activities in their accounts.

And that’s it! Those are the best and most rewarding tips that have been proven to work by many popular Instagrammers who hit the mark of a following of above 1m. And if you do this too on a regular basis, you are sure to boost the engagement of your account which will bring in more activity and make your account known to many people. And this is what you want for your intended purpose. Try this now and start seeing the difference.