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How to find your Uber Rating Score (Riders)

Recently, I have started taking a lot of Uber and thats why i discovered that Uber ratings means a lot! I have a strong feeling that while booking an Uber, the driver can see your average rating just like a customer can see a driver’s rating. This means, if you are too low on rating and you are booking at a really odd hour of the day (may be midnight, from a pub), theres a good chance no driver might pick you up! See, how important Uber ratings are?

How to Find my current Uber Ratings? (For Riders)

Having said that, we all might be pretty curious to find our our Uber ratings. Well, the app does not have an option from what I know but the Uber website online has a place to check your ratings instantly. Check out the two screenshots below and how I got to know my Uber riders rating. Click here to know your Uber rating online. On the flip side, if you are driver, you can see your ratings in your account dashboard straight away!

how to know my uber ratings rider

See the below video, i found this interesting as the artists show exactly how different it is for a person with high rating and low rating has different acceptance rate when booking uber.