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How to Find Product Ideas that Work

If you have taken the first step into looking to starting an online business, you may have heard advice that you must create your own information product. Creating information products has become a very easy, but lucrative way to get started with your own online business. If you have expertise in a subject, or talent with a popular craft, or even some great household tips you use to manage your family, then you can create an information product. The first step is to come up with an idea. Let’s talk about product creation and coming up with new ideas for information products.

finding ideas that work for products

Where do I find ideas for information products?

Ideas are all around you. Watch people. Listen to people. Watch what they are doing incorrectly and how you might be able to teach them a better way. Listen to their questions about things that you feel are just common sense. I’m sure you’ve said many times before “why hasn’t anyone built a better way to [insert something you’ve been frustrated with here]?” Others feel the same way!┬áIf you can’t find anyone puzzled about the stuff you are knowledgeable about, then go to google and search for forums on that topic. All forums have people asking questions. People go to forums to get help; you will go to forums to get ideas.

What do I do with all these ideas?

Ideas will sometimes come to you all at once, while you’re in the shower, while you are driving, while you are working on something else. You will need to get into the habit of writing your ideas down on paper. Every idea has the potential to become a profitable product that you can create.

Once you’ve found a question or two that you feel can be answered, you then start deciding what type of product to create that can best present the solution. It could be in a written format (an ebook) or maybe a video of you demonstrating your techniques or maybe even a full ecourse. How did you learn the topic? Did you read a book or take a class? Or did you learn by experience through trial and error? Depending on your experience with the subject matter you will know the best way to teach it to someone else.

To build a solid online business selling information products, you will need to think of a number of ideas to create what’s called a product funnel. Once you’ve organized them properly, you can then turn each of those ideas into a profitable product that will make you money for years to come.