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Planning an Engagement Party – tips & checklist

Are you planning to host your own engagement party or helping out a close mate by helping them organise their engagement party? Well, then read ahead. We will throw some light on that special night’s plan. You have to plan every bit of the night and party to ensure everyone (especially the couple) gets to enjoy the whole night and cherish it for life. I recently helped plan one of my close buddy’s engagement party and here’s what I’ve learnt.

tips for choosing a party venue

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Plan every bit and do have a checklist

It’s important to plan the function and party from start to finish and also prepare for some unexpected drama, just in case. Below are the key areas that have to be taken care of well in advance.

  • Start off by organising a planning team:  (could be just you and your partner, some are lucky to have that group of friends or family members who will chip in to help.)
  • Start off by creating a guest list: This is an important step before confirming and booking the venue. You want to ensure that your close family members and friends are available on that day.
  • Consider and confirm the party date: Once you get a green signal from all, go ahead with a favourable date confirmation to decide the rest.
  • Review and finalise a party venue & book it: compare the best party venues in your city within your budget, check reviews online and then make the booking. Otherwise many find it a relaxed and great idea to host the party at their home.

wedding and engagement cakes

  • Send invitations to your friends and family: In today’s techno world, it’s easy to send invites. Prepare an e-Invite You can send your invites using online RSVP applications and track your invitations online to plan ahead easily.  Another easy way is to set up an event on facebook then send the invite to your friends and family.
  • Plan a menu and budget the same: It’s important to plan a finger food catering and mains menu for your party and event. Some venues organise that for you, but you definitely want to theme it according to your taste and preference. Also, don’t forget about organising a cake if there is a plan for that.
  • Plan a shopping list and what to wear: you might want to plan ahead on what you are going to wear for the occasion and then straight head for the shopping!If it’s your engagement, you are expected to look the most stunning, and who doesn’t love shopping!
  • Travel, logistic and other arrangements
  • Sound, music, entertainment, games (some venues include these too).
  • Speeches, the order of speeches etc. for your friends, family and the couples too.
  • Arrange for a photographer / videographer for the night.

I hope I haven’t missed out any important checklist item to be included. However, also would like to emphasise on having your trusted entourage of friends around you on and before the day, just in case you need help or support to have things sorted while organising such an important day.