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Some creative ways to better home decor

The short answer is the internet! Yea, the best place to find inspiration. The internet is a virtually limitless source of content and information on just about any topic under the sun. So if you’re looking for interior decoration ideas for your home, this is the perfect place to start. A simple Google search will return millions of results and you can spend hours or even days going through the results till you find the perfect ideas. To give you an idea of what to expect on the internet, here are a few interior design ideas for people who do not want to break the bank while giving their homes a fresh look:

creative interor decor ideas

Hardwood floors

There’s no mistaking the beauty of a hardwood floor. It’s the in-thing right now. But, you might get fed up with it after a while. When on a budget, you would obviously want to change the way the flooring looks since you can’t replace the floor. All you need for this are some large rugs.

There are a number of different textures and types of rugs. They come in every shape and size imaginable. This makes it easy to transform your room and is an excellent idea for anyone looking for designs on a budget. Bigger rooms will offer more choice since you can mix and match patterns too.

Bring nature inside

Plants are an inexpensive and clever interior design solution. They don’t just change the look of any room but can also help by cleaning up the air and lowering the humidity while getting rid of pollutants in the air. There are a number of different textures, type, and colours to choose from. There’s no reason why you can’t add some palms and ferns to your living room and make it a tropical oasis.

Use the Surprise element creatively, look around! 

You may be surprised by the kind of stuff you can pick up at jumble sales, car boot sales, garage sales, etc. Another man’s junk might just be your treasure. There’s no easier way of decorating your home without spending a fortune.

If you’re lucky enough to live near the sea/ocean, you will find a lot of pebbles, rock and seashells around your home. You can paint them, hang them up around your house and make some really nice arrangements with them.Even something as simple as trays and plates can be painted and hung on a wall to create a pattern. Your imagination is the only boundary here.

There are millions of creative ways to have your living space look unique, stunning and something someone would die to live at! These awesome tips have been contributed to the WhiteArt creative network by Interior Designs Melbourne, a popular interior decorator in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.