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Tips for Choosing Wallpapers for your room

Wallpaper is a more dramatic way of expressing yourself as compared to paint. It can transform any space and easily set the scene. But what do you look for while choosing a wallpaper? Here are a few questions you need answered first:

choosing the right wall paper for your room

What will you use the room for?

From handmade varieties to trendy geometrics, wallpaper is experiencing a renaissance of sorts right now. People prefer quiet shades and pacific patterns for their bedrooms but don’t mind embracing color in their living rooms, kitchens, etc. Considering what you use the room for will help ensure you choose the right wallpaper. You wouldn’t want to use a fragile wallpaper in your teenager’s room now would you? Getting a vertical, long pattern for a high wall is great, but it won’t work well if the ceiling is low. Smaller, busier patterns are great for walls which are broken up with lots of windows, artwork or doors. But only with minimalist art.

Colour and the impact on room brightness?

A busy, dark choice may just make a small room look more cramped. But if it is something like a foyer or hallway which you just pass through, a dark wallpaper can dazzle

How much area will you be wrapping?

They say that an oversized pattern will overpower any room. But, if you prefer something bold, big patterns with dark shades may just be the thing for you. If you plan on redecorating every couple of years, you should consider removable wallpapers. This is excellent for people who do not want to commit to a single look for a long time. They peel off easily without leaving any marks.

The vibe & mood it sets

If you are nervous about this whole thing, then try using the wallpaper for half a wall and paint or beadboard on the rest. Go for simple, light patterns so you can get used to this idea. Once you’re ready to risk it, try to wallpaper a statement wall in one room. Go for bold patterns, colors or scales. This can give quite an eye-popping effect.

Self-install or seeking professional help

The removable type of wallpaper is very easy to apply on your own. In most situations like these,  you will just have to peel and stick. For anything apart from this , you’ll be much better off calling a professional. Fitting traditional wallpaper can be quite difficult if you’ve never done it before.