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Tips to choose the right floor tile

Furniture, wall paint and flooring is considered the heart and soul of a room. They can be the difference between a dull and a beautiful looking room. Apart from the decorative support that tiles offer in terms of flooring, they can also be used for counter tops or walls. They come in a number of different patterns, designs, colors, shapes and sizes. The one you choose will depend on your budget. It will also depend on which tile suits your requirements the most. Here is a brief look at the various types of tiles you can choose from:

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This is the most popular choice when it comes to floor tiles and counter tops. The reason it’s so popular is because it is very easy to clean. But apart from being easy to clean, it is also the quality of these tiles which make them such a common choice. They are always manufactured with abrasives since they will be really slippery without them.


Porcelain tiles are available in both gazed and ungazed versions. They can absorb water content lower than 0.5%. They can be really useful in lobby areas.


These tiles have a distinctive charm and a number of small patterns which are perfect for office or designer walls.


These tiles have glass blended in a number of formats which form other glass based tiles such as smalti tiles.

Natural clay and stone

This is one of the first elements which were blended with floor tiles. They find application both inside as well as outside the home or office.


When tiles are made using a combination of quartz, marble, glass chips, granite and cement binder, you should get the ultimate finished product shouldn’t you? Terrazzo tiles aren’t just beautiful but can also give tough competition to ceramic and stone tiles as far as durability at home and in the office is concerned.


This is termed as the cheap alternative for porcelain tiles. They are used for flooring and look quite classy while not costing too much.

Designer tiles

This is a relatively new segment of tiles which is all the rage right now. There are a number of celebrities who have endorsed this style as well. They are available as wall tiles, step tiles, floor tiles, etc. They offer the best of both worlds. They are well crafted and can be customized for various usages and aesthetics.