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Choosing your Birthday Party Photographer

Birthdays are important events in one’s life. Therefore, capturing that memorable day is very paramount be it for a kid or an adult. How to choose a birthday party photographer to capture the moments lingers in people’s mind when planning for birthdays. There are those qualities you look for when choosing for good birthday party photographer locally in your city.

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Experience in the Industry

When looking for an experienced photographer, you need one that can capture expressions, be keen to capture details of the cake, the candles and the presents.

The photographer ought to capture those moments when the candles are blown. The shot taking is at very close range. A birthday is a day to cherish. Therefore, the photographer does not have to concentrate on the birthday boy or girl alone. There are those naughty moments from other attendees and capturing them is paramount.

Checking the Photography Gear makes sense..

During birthdays, most photography happens indoors. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that the settings for ISO are 400- 800. Going higher than this may render the images to be grainy. The recommended shutter speeds are 1/125th of a second. The settings allow the images to be sharp. The photographer ought to know that flash sometimes can make the images look unnatural harsh and over exposed. Therefore, the photographer’s equipment has to own telephoto lenses of 300mm so as to get excellent shots.

Pricing is a key deal breaker too! 

It is always important to find out how the photographers in the locality charge for birthday shots. There are also factors that photographers take into consideration whether the event will be for kids or adults or a mix of both. They also look at the time they will take to do the photography. Another aspect that photographers consider is the format of the photos that you want them delivered to you. When looking at the format, they will find if you just want a copy of the photos saved on a CD or you want the photos fully developed and may be put together in an album. When approaching different photographers in your area, these are some of the things you ought to bear in mind.

The Photographer’s Portfolio. Reviews and Testimonials

There are those photographers whose only interest is to create a portfolio. They might offer free services just to create a name. You could make use of such an opportunity on ascertaining that they are good at what they do from other similar jobs they have undertaken. It is also imperative to look at their blogs, portraits and make use of testimonials from other clients to make sure they will deliver the best birthday photos. One such recommended Melbourne based photographer we hired recently with excellent  results was Partysnapper photography! Check out their website for a Melbourne event photographer here also they have featured photographers in Adelaide.

It is also important to look at the various reviews from clients and professional bloggers to find out if they meet your specification. When visiting, their offices ask as many questions as you can to find a lot of background information that will finally help you make an informed decision.