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Black and White photos or multi color for journalism?

A high debated topic among the journalism fraternity for years! Here is our opinion! The call really depends on various aspects of you want to choose to go monochrome or color for your assignments.

Really depends on your requirement: It all down to the fact if your assignment is of documentary type or current affairs nature. If it’s of a documentary nature, I would recommend choosing the type of photography that adds more depth to your photographs and that always is grayscale. Unlike any party or event photography, photographs from a journalist or a serious review might need to let go the colours to draw some serious attention vibes, agrees some photographers.

black and white photos for journalism

Black and white photographs tends to tell more of the story than in color. This is mainly because of the focus and attention to details in the photos. But on the flip side if you are covering general and less of an artistic journal, the best option would be going color. This not only makes is more recent and real but also adds different perspectives to the photograph. Let us know what you feel about this!