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How to Organise a Motivated & Useful Sales Team Meeting

Sales meetings offer great opportunities to benchmark performance, as compared to other methods, like plans. A sales meeting helps in additional skill development, updating the team on new products and pumps them up to exceed your next week or month targets. A sales meeting can be very productive, provided it starts and concludes in a planned manner. The main purpose of a sales meeting is to get your sales staff ready to sell. But usually sales meetings end up with boring lectures, which eventually leads to mere waste of time. Most salespersons hate meetings as they are often without an agenda.


However, many times, the salespersons are overloaded with information, which also leads to irritation. The key to hold a successful meeting is to make it interesting, positive and result oriented. Business coaches enable employees as well as managers to perform well in a meeting and not merely nod their heads. They teach them the skills to be an active participant and identify their areas for improvement. A business coach suggests certain ways through which you can supercharge your sales meeting. The points are mentioned as follows:

Start the meeting with zeal

A business coach always encourages speakers to begin the sales meeting in an interesting manner. It helps to attract and hold the attention of all the participants, till the end. Try to be articulate and present each word with proper tone and pitch. Always be careful with your punctuation, as it is considered to be one of the most distracting factors in a meeting.

Insist on punctuality – Be there on time!

Make sure you begin the meeting right on time and specify punctuality. Nothing can be more disturbing than participants strolling into the meeting hall while the meeting is in progress. Besides being disruptive for the meeting, it also affects the group discipline and lenient behavior towards such an unprofessional attitude allow them to repeat it more frequently.

Help recognise the efforts of your sales team

encourage your sales teamEmphasising on the importance of recognising employee effort is an essential part of business coaching. Business coaches encourage managers or the team leaders to congratulate and thank salespeople for putting in their endeavor in meeting goals on time, closing deals and making money for the company. It reinforces positive behaviour in the team and motivates everyone to perform well.

A sales meeting need not revolve only around business and can always have some relaxing moments. For instance, you can always share stories of how the company overcame certain difficult business issues in the past. It not only adds to the interest of participants but also motivates employees to show brilliant performances.You can also suggest certain guidelines to salespersons, to help them prepare for the next meeting in advance.

Encourage people to share

Try to encourage all the participants to get actively involved in the meeting, by having them present product demonstrations or share sales tips at each meeting. Besides, sharing ideas and information will help close more sales and make a profit.

Explain the objective

Make sure you explain the objective of the meeting and always explain the importance of selling those sales objectives to the target market. You can do it by giving good reasons to the team, regarding how each item placed on the agenda plays a significant role.