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3 Best attractions to visit Geelong

Geelong is the second largest city in Victoria. It’s a hub for industry, a bustling port, and a peaceful home for more than 150000 people. It was settled in the beginning of the 1800’s and has grand architecture dominating the city streets. One of the most amazing structures is the Christ Church, the oldest in Victoria. The Town Hall is one of the oldest wooden buildings still surviving in the city, and the National Wool Museum looks at the history of wool in the country. Now, let’s look at three of the best attractions which you should consider visiting when in Geelong:

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Geelong Carousel

This is an attraction meant for kids and for those young at heart. It is a steam-driven, fully restored Carousel located in the middle of Geelong’s waterfront. It was first built in 1892 and is a hand-crafted wooden carousel like no other. The original colors were buried beneath more than forty layers of paint. It took more than three-hundred hours of work to restore each horse. The large glass windows offer spectacular views of the sea while you enjoy the carnival music and ride one of the steeds. Entry to the building is free although you will have to pay a minor fee if you want to ride the carousel.

Bayside Bollards

Whimsical and fun-filled, this walk on the waterfront is punctuated by the local characters as well as the history of Geelong carved in wood. At one point this was one of the pylons of Geelong’s piers which were turned into an exhibition which goes on for the length of Promenade. From one depiction of a number of lifesavers who reel in a buoy to the brass band playing tunes, every installation will bring a smile to your face. This is one of the best tourist attractions in the state.

Barwon Heads

This is known as the setting for the TV series, Sea Change. It welcomes new visitors and residents constantly. The 13th Beach is well known for the surf, and the Golf Club offers a memorable game among sand dunes that overlook the waves. The mouth of this river is sheltered, and that makes it a terrific place for a picnic. The small town has a great atmosphere. Just across the bridge is the Ocean Grove which is just as exciting a holiday destination especially in the summer months. For more awesome things to do in Geelong and other attractions, visit Whats best..