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Why to avoid using Auto bots in Social Media Marketing

Whether you are a teenager, a busy guy at work, a bored housewife, or an elderly, everyone is on Social Media! So what better place to start a business? From promoting and selling products, to marketing several services, millions of people have been using social Medias such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram as a successful business platform! However, with every pleasure, comes an annoyance! Are your newsfeeds spammed with junk you never asked for? Are you being signed up for things you don’t even know about! The root is Autobots. They work automatically, auto-piloting accounts, creating and updating posts, even comments or messages. It is true that a lot of businesses are now run on social Medias, but are Autobots the right way to market it?

The answer is no! Why should Autobots replace the heartening hard work you put in into managing a business that is so precious to you? Why are you ready to give away a large part of your management on to the hands of Autobots when it could spoil years of your hard work? Are you not worried about getting banned and loosing what you spent so long creating?

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Firstly, Autobots will definitely NOT make you money on autopilot! But more often than not, this is what is promoted to you. Nothing of such nature exists! They are not there to replace your marketing and promotion. Instead they end up posting things you didn’t want posted. It can cause you to decrease in sales because of unwanted and spammed posts such as these.

Secondly, it is a highway of losing your fan pages or marketing platforms! It doesn’t take long for your product or service fans to notice the frequent and irritating posts by Autobots. Using tools like these will cause your fan base to shrink, and will also give you a bad publicity. And it doesn’t just stop there. What happens when social media operators recognize these intolerable viral spreads? Your hard earned likes, and years and years of work put into creating a business goes down the drain as your page or account is now banned!

Lastly, why would you want to be so dependent on something when the true creator of your business is you! I believe hard work and dedication pays off. So why trust a virus when you know it might lead to complete end of your business?

Don’t use any products just because it is being promoted by gurus’! Only use it when you are convinced on certain of their effects.